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Helles Lager


YØN Lager

[Reyt wunderbar]

Now a few years back, an adventure thirsty, young Yorkshireman set out from the north – destination, the far east.

Six years and many miles later, our worldly wanderer returned home. Inspired by his tales of drinking in the delights over yonder, our idea for YØN brewing was born. ‘Why not blend the best of over there, with our brewing nous over here’.

First stop, Germany – the original home of lager excellence. Our authentic Helles lager follows the strict Germanic purity law; made only with 4 ingredients; hops, malt and yeast along with Yorkshire watter – each batch carefully crafted and perfectly conditioned for a minimum of 4 weeks to produce a crisp, refreshing session lager with low bitterness and just a hint of sweetness.

So raise a glass to adventure and try lager twinning at its best. YØN Helles Lager.

Precisely German. Proper Yorkshire.


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